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Twisted Mystic Tushies

Qu33n Clarity Mushroom Tincture

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Qu33n Clarity Mushroom Tonic 🍄🦋✨


What’s in it??


Lions Mane & Reishi 💫


Lions Mane is Great for Promoting Great Cognitive Brain Function, Creating New Neuron Pathsways, has Anti-Inflammatory and aids with Healthy Digestive Functions 🌸


Reishi is Great for Promoting Calmness, had Immune Boosting Properties, Anti- Cancer Properties & Energy Boosting. ⚡️


Made with Vegetable Glycerin (safe for breastfeeding moms) 🌟


All these things can assist with management of PPA, PPD,PMDD, BD & many other mental health. 🪷


Not intended to treat or diagnose any illnesses or disorders.

 4 OZ Dropper

90 Day Supply