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Twisted Mystic Tushies

Divine Doula

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This art tells the story of a postpartum mom who is leaning on the support of her postpartum doula and friend to help heal her mind, body and soul!

The mother is doing a special postpartum Yoni Steam (a blend of herbs that are boiled to steam your vagina which helps remove all of the no longer needed blood and fluids),

While her postpartum doula makes her a healthy hearty meal & her friend assists her by holding and giving her baby love ❤️

Motherhood takes a village!

A great way to assist a new mother is to gift her a postpartum doula or simple just be there and hold her baby while she takes care of herself! ❤️❤️


Features of TMT Cloth Diapers


  • Water Resistant  PUL
  • AWJ, Athletic Wicking Jersey. Helps prevent yeast infections and keep babe dry!
  • Round Curved Tummy Panel! Helps prevent leaks!
  • Fit is 6lbs-55lbs


** Colors or patterns may be different from what you see above due to manufacturer printing **